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Based on the preceding, it is possible to conclude that during the seventy-year period during which the republic of the Union has not justified itself, not the idea of the development of identity and move away from this, the distortion is almost its principles. The presence of immature public relations, weak social fabric of the nation was beginning policy objective reason for 90th on the orientation of its own, independent course of economic and social development, the relevant history of the people, their customs and traditions, local conditions, native to his interests.
Political stability - a prerequisite of economic
I must say that the political situation in Uzbekistan during the years of perestroika differed significantly from the corresponding processes in other areas of the Union. There were no strikes and picket lines, as in Russia, or the major ethnic clashes in the Caucasus. Although the end of the 80th there were conflicts on an ethnic basis, but the leadership of the republic failed to locate them and prevent the spread of this phenomenon.

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4 - ES-TATE-khauli settlements and fortresses of Khorezm district throughout its history has many different features. The city's name is often served in many cities of the central channel. Khazarasp called for each channel; Shakhabad (Shavat) a channel (or perhaps the name of the "king of the city" from) Khiva in honor of the philosopher and poet PakhlavanMakhmud Palvaniab took its name from a channel, the water may be. Due to the large-scale archaeological and ethnographic research in the field of Aral, Amu-Darya and Sir-Darya region and reaches Khorezmians was impossible to determine the origin of the culture and religion of the ancient people of Khiva. As this research shows, Khorezmians culture has its roots in the period of the sources was the primary utility systems. Kalta-Minar Stone Age culture, which means that there is more than four or three thousand BC. Wide area (Amu-Darya, the Uzboy the lower reaches of Sir-Darya and the Kizil-Kum ancient deltas) were discovered during the Neolithic, and the tribes of hunters and fishermen living in settlements with a common ethno-cultural communities Kalta-Minar. Djanbas-kala-4 Kalta-Minar monument of culture. Here is a tribal community of 100-120 people lived a hundred and three square meters, the area was excavated in a cone shape. They made tools of stone and bone. According to their food, fish, wild boar and deer meat and the water was. Covered with nutrient-rich stamped ornament, made of clay without a potter's wheel was cooked in pots.
Results Kalta-Minar, Kazakhstan, Siberia, India, and Iran tribes living in the Khorezm is the most ancient population of some cultural ties. In ancient Kalta-Minar, beads made of shells from the Indian Ocean to find, and, in the third millennium Minusinskkrai articles were found buried in the Amu-Darya and jewelry made of shells. The ancient settlement was discovered in the same picture takirs Tazabagiab barchans and culture (in the middle of the second millennium BC) period is observed. Those Kalta-Minar, a number of copper and bronze tools, such as Siberia and Kazakhstan dishes sealed with a flat-bottomed dishes, crocks ornament similar to the Flint tools have been found. Amu-Darya delta in the southern part of the period that has been civilization. In addition to its system of tributaries, the southern Urals from Tazabagiab tribes arrived in the culture of the people has been formed under the influence of the traditions of the solution.