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Trips of Uzbekistan
Goals and Objectives:
          Small Business Development Strategy is aimed at stimulating entrepreneurial potential, the terms of privileges and preferences. The transition to a market economy began with the creation of conditions for businesses to do business. With the deepening of economic reform and social legislation of the republic has been updated and corrected.
Legal fund business in Uzbekistan has become a consistent system of laws and regulations. The basis of this - the Constitution of the Republic, Article 53, which declares that "the state guarantees the freedom of economic activity, business and labor."
Legislation in the field of business, the economy is improving to meet changing conditions, the development of other areas. One recent change was the adoption of amendments to the many existing laws. Thus, the number of inspections has been reduced to micro and small enterprises and farms. Since that time they will be no more than once in four years. Inspections of other business entities - not more than once in three years. The modified and the behavior of the obstacles. All this free time and allow employers to more efficient business.


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