Tours in Uzbekistan


Title of tour: Uzbekistan Tour 1
Brief info: This quick tour will show you fine examples of mysterious medieval architecture and give you a general idea of the country's history. Arriving from Tajikistan, you will start from the old capital city of great Tamerlane's Empire. On the second day, you will traverse to Tashkent. Learn more...    

Uzbekistan Tour 1, Tours in Uzbekistan


Title of tour: Uzbekistan Tour 2
Brief info:
 If you are interested more in history, especially in the history of the Tamerlane's State. Then this tour has plenty of things to offer you. During this tour, two full days will be dedicated to mysterious city Samarkand; at the same time, you will not miss the chance to explore attractive sites of Tashkent. Learn more...  

Uzbekistan Tour 2, Tours in Uzbekistan

Title of tour: Uzbekistan Tour 3
Brief info:
 This extended tour of Uzbekistan includes three main cities, every city offers amazing works of medieval architecture. Well-preserved madrasahs, mosques and mausoleums will send you to ancient times, when these areas were fully flourished along the Silk Road. This tour is for everyone, who wants to discover Uzbekistan in 5 days. Learn more...  

Uzbekistan Tour 3, Tours in Uzbekistan

Title of tour: Uzbekistan Tour 4
Brief info:
 On this tour, you will travel on the steps of ancient caravans on the Silk Road. Uzbekistan has many cities rich in Silk Road history. The first is Khiva, then Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent. If you want to feel the spirit of old times, let's go on this trip. Learn more... 

Uzbekistan Tour 4, Tours in Uzbekistan

Title of tour: Uzbekistan Tour 5

Brief info: This amazing trip is dedicated to land architectural masterpieces of Central Asia. Astonishing blue domes and perfectly patterned monuments will bring you to the middle ages. During this tour, you will enjoy excursions all major cities of Uzbekistan: Tashkent and Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. Learn more... 

Uzbekistan Tour 5, Tours in Uzbekistan

Title of tour: Uzbekistan Tour 6

Brief info: Uzbekistan is famous with its ancient architecture, rich culture and old history. The heart of Central Asia offers a magic trip to middle ages. This tour goes via mysterious Samarkand, wonderful city of Bukhara, center of Silk Road Khiva and capital city Tashkent. Learn more... 

Uzbekistan Tour 6, Tours in Uzbekistan

Title of tour: Uzbekistan Tour 7

Brief info: During this tour, you will have full opportunity to discover all the hidden places of Uzbekistan. Samarkand city will charm you with its Registan Square, Bukhara boast with the oldest citadel, Khiva has mysterious Ichan-Qala and capital city Tashkent will offer beautiful sites. Learn more... 

Uzbekistan Tour 7, Tours in Uzbekistan


Title of tour: Uzbekistan Tour 8
Brief info: 
Uzbekistan has a lot of things to offer to a tourist who decides to visti it. This seven-day-tour Wind of antiquity will show you a lot of what Uzbekistan has prepared for you. Learn more...

 Uzbekistan Tour 8

Title of the tour: Uzbekistan Tour 9
Brief info: Uzbekistan - the sovereign state occupying extensive territory in the central part of Central AsiaUzbekistan submits the traveller a bit ascetic, but expressive shape. The nature has combined here contrast landscapes from mountains and the foothill plains, the withered deserts and fertile valleys. In course of the tour you are going to experience historical places such as Nukus capital of Karakalpakstan, fascinating Khiva, amazing Bukhara and  other places of interest. Learn more...

Uzbekistan Tour 9

Title of the tour: Uzbekistan Tour 10
Brief info: The magnificent ancient cities of Uzbekistan which were the centres of a bright epoch of Education of the medieval East, are transformed today into museums open-air. For many long years the existence of Uzbek earths have seen a lot: here passed uncountable caravans of the Silk Way, arose new cities and civilisations. In course of the tour you will explore amazing cities such as Nukus, Khiva and Tashkent.  Learn more...

Uzbekistan Tour 10

Title of the tour: Uzbekistan Tour 11
Brief info: Uzbekistan is a country of Central Asia. It is possible to take pleasure in atmosphere of Asia and also to try the present Uzbek plov which prepares under ancient recipes X-XI of a century. In this country possible to enjoy infinitely long monuments of ancient architecture and uncountable sights, to participate in numerous excursions and to visit museums. This is what you will discover during this exciting tour: capital Tashkent, amazing Bukhara and the highlights of the country. Learn more...

Uzbekistan Tour 11

Title of the tour: Uzbekistan Tour 12
Brief info:This country a treasury of monuments of architecture and centre of many cities of an antiquity. Khiva, Samarkand and Bukhara are the most favourite places of tourists. Modern Uzbekistan represents perfectly developed republic and special attention here give to a tourist infrastructure. You will have a chance observe different kinds of archeological finds. On this tour you will visit capital of Uzbekistan  contemporary Tashkent and glorious Bukhara pearl of Uzbekistan. Learn more...

Uzbekistan Tour 12


Our tours in Uzbekistan provide an opportunity not only exploring architectural and historical sites of country but also traditions and customs of Uzbek people. The Great Silk Road places a significant role in the history of Uzbekistan. Therefore, tour to Uzbekistan means tour to Silk Road. You will see cities hosted thousands of caravans with valuable goods travelling from east to the west. It led to the formation of science, cultural and religious centers in the territory of Uzbekistan. Today Uzbekistan became the most popular Silk Road destination in Central Asia.  Every year it surprise millions of tourists with its charming beauty. The sedentary life of local people served for the preservation and careful renovation of architectural monuments. The main cities like Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva ad Tashkent hosts heritage of medieval ages and Golden Ages of Islam religion in Uzbekistan. Magnificent beauty of madrasahs, mosques, minarets and mausoleums will make every traveler to admire.

The golden tour of Uzbekistan consist of three cities: Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara. Samarkand was the capital of Tamerlane's dynasty and boasts with amazing Registan Square. Khiva has rich history of Silk Road, it was one of the flourishing centers welcoming traders travelling long distances. Bukhara has more than 140 valuable monuments in its boundaries. The tour will not complete without visiting Tashkent, the capital city. It proud of wide boulevards and parks as well as interesting soviet architecture.  Uzbekistan also represents beautiful nature. There some tours are available to Chimgan Mountain and Charvak Lake. Ithey are great place to have a hike or relax on the beach. Uzbekistan is also famous with oriental craft tours. There are traditional handmade carpet factories, outstanding ceramic pottery and silk paper production.

Uzbekistan is fantastic experience of Silk Road, come and open the hidden world together with our tours!