Tours in Turkmenistan

Title of tour: Turkmenistan Tour 1
Brief info: This 5 days trip will show you the most important places of Turkmenistan. During these days you will explore the city in depth, visit famous horse farms, architectural monuments of middle ages and popular destination- Darwaza Gas Grater. Learn more...

Turkmenistan Tour 1, Tours in Turkmenistan

Title of tour: Turkmenistan Tour 2

Brief info: This tour will bring you to the most remarkable places of the country and allows you to continue your adventure to Uzbekistan. First, you will explore marble city Ashgabat, then you will see outstanding Turkmen Horses- Akhal Teke. The another must be part of the trip is fascinating Darwaza. Learn more...

Turkmenistan Tour 2, Tours in Turkmenistan

Title of tour: Turkmenistan Tour 3

Brief info: This quick tour will give you the general idea of the country and take you to the major sites. You will start your journey to the most glorious marble city in the world. The capital city Ashgabat offers beautiful architectural and cultural sites. You will combine graceful city with natural Darwaza gas crater. Learn more...

Turkmenistan Tour 3, Tours in Turkmenistan

Title of tour: Turkmenistan Tour 4

Brief info: Throughout your three day tour, you will learn many things about Turkmenistan. You may interact with locals, learn about their history and culture and etc. all of that will open up for you in order to stay in your memory for a very long time. Learn more...

Turkmenistan Tour 4, Tours of Turkmenistan 

Title of the tour: Turkmenistan Tour 5
Brief info: Turkmenistan is country in Central Asia. Turkmenistan - a perspective tourist direction. In Turkmenistan settles down the set of ruins of the cities constructed by glorified dynasties of the past. From great dynasties of the past remained a priceless heritage as caravans-sheds, mosques and magnificent palace. The main pride of the country is unique horse Akhal-Teke. . En route of the tour you will discover a lot of interesting areas such as capital of Turkmenistan Ashgabat, "Father of caves" KovAta, "fire fortresses" Yaginkala and many other places. Learn more...

Turkmenistan Tour 5

Title of the tour: Turkmenistan Tour 6
Brief info: Turkmenistan is located in the Central Asia. Today Turkmenistan is one of the best directions for tourist. Foreigners start to open surrounding  of Turkmenistan where appears, breathtaking landscapes of desert Kara Kum, green oases, mountain ridges, ancient cities, the mausoleums, mosques, ruins of ancient fortresses, reserves, and also traditional villages of nomads. Turkmenistan possesses the sixth stocks on size of natural gas and considerable stocks of oil. In the tour you will discover historical places such as capital of the city Ashgabat, "fire fortresses" Yaginkala, and other interesting places. That's what you will explore on your tour. Learn more...

Turkmenistan Tour 6

Title of the tour: Turkmenistan Tour 7
Brief info: Country settles down in Central Asia and divides borders with Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iran and Afghanistan. Country is exotic, trip back in time to the ancient history of edge, the magnificent natural beauty, and interesting artefacts.Turkmenistan possesses the sixth stocks on size of natural gas and considerable stocks of oil. Your tour will be full pleasure discovering mysterious areas of Turkmenistan. Learn more...

Turkmenistan Tour 7

Title of the tour: Turkmenistan Tour 8
Brief info:Turkmenistan - centre of magnificent, unique architectural masterpieces of the past. Most attractive places of Turkmenistan are capital - Ashhabad, desert Kara Kum, ancient Merv. On your tour you will discover different charming places such as capital of Turkmenistan- Ashgabat, Crater Darwaza, you will walk around in fabulous Merv and other interesting places. Learn more...

Turkmenistan Tour 8

Our team make special tours in Turkmenistan; it is the most uncovered as the same time hospitable destination for tourist. Come to Turkmenistan in spring or in autumn time instead of hot summer. Turkmenistan tour is often combined with other Central Asian countries. However, Turkmenistan also has interesting site to be discovered alone. We organize tours to most popular site as well as to hidden tracks of the country.

One of the most well known destinations is grandiose Darwaza Gas Crater. It became must be part of Turkmenistan tour. The history of Darwaza goes back to 1971, when soviet geologist held expedition in Karakum desert. They accidentally drilled and faced with cavern with underground gas. After all equipment went down, specialists thought that gas would finish if they burn. Unfortunately or luckily hole with gas did not stop. After days, months and years it turned into popular tourist places about which you will learn during your travel. Every year millions of travelers came to visit Darwaza from different parts of country and world.  

Ashgabat the capital city offer unusual sites in its boundaries. The marble architectural constructions are the highlight of Ashgabat city. Moreover, there many interesting historical places. You can take a short tour to Turkmen horse farm. The Akhal Teke horses are pride of Turkmen. During the short demonstration, it is possible to see how horses are graceful. Historical sites of Turkmenistan include Mary, Merv, Kunya Urgench and Nissa. In Merv, you can explore remains of old caravan cities. Nissa represent the ancient capital of Parthian Kings. Extraordinary monuments of nature will add bright colors to your tour. Yangikala canyon has unique formations and Kow Ata Lake in the cave named Nokhur has interesting story.

Let's start your adventure to the mysterious part of Central Asia, we will make you special tour within Turkmenistan!