Tours in Tajikistan


Title of tour: Tajikistan Tour 1
Brief info: This tour will take you to the most popular places of Tajikistan and you will have plenty of time to explore incredible nature of Pamir Mountains and authentic life of the Pamir inhabitants. The itinerary of the tour starts from Dushanbe, then Kalai Khum and Khorog. Learn more...

Tajikistan Tour 1, Tours in Tajikistan

Title of tour: Tajikistan tour 2
Brief info: This unique tour capture all must be part of Tajik land. You will discover culture and history in the boundaries of Dushanbe. The countryside will surprise you with majestic mountains of Pamir. Mountain inhabitants, who kept their old traditions for centuries will be the highlight of the trip. Tour goes from Dushanbe to Kalai Khum and Khorog via Pamir Mountains. Learn more...

Tajikistan Tour 2, Tours in Tajikistan

Title of tour: Tajikistan Tour 3

Brief info: If you have limited time resource, but want to see main highlights of Tajikistan, we can made this tour for you. Here you will explore the city Dushanbe and its surroundings. Moreover, you will not miss a legendary Pamir Mountains and visit small village Kalai-Khum. Learn more...

Tajikistan Tour 3, Tours in Tajikistan

Title of tour: Tajikistan Tour 4
Brief info: The following three day trip was designed specifically for the people who are limited in time. The tour allows you to take a sip of the Tajik culture, history and the progress that the country has made throughout all the years. Learn more...

Tajikistan Tour 4

Title of the tour: Tajikistan Tour 5
Brief info: Tajikistan is located in the Central Asia. In the east Tajikistan borders with China, in the north - with Kirgyzstan, in the west - with Uzbekistan, and in the south - with Afghanistan. This country has no outlet to the sea. Capital of the country - Dushanbe - one of the oldest cities in Tajikistan. Mountains occupy about 93 % of the area. Mountains are a pride of inhabitants of this country.  It is considered that Tajikistan - one of the ancient countries of the world. This is what you will discover during this wonderful tour Khujand city- the second largest city, Istravshan - an ancient center, Mugtepa, Kuk Gumbaz Mosque and a lot of other interesting places. Learn more...

Tajikistan Tour 5

Title of the tour: Tajikistan Tour 6
Brief info: Tajikistan is country of Central Asia. Country attracts tourists with high mountains (Pamir, Tyan Shan), the beautiful nature, medieval cities, sights. In the tour you will discover iimpressive historical places. The country awarded with great nature and a surprising variety of landscapes. You will visit highlights of Tajikistan such as Dushanbe, inspire by beauty of Seven Lakes and having a rest near Iskanderkul Lake. This is what you will experience in this beautiful tour. Learn more...

Tajikistan Tour 6

Title of the tour: Tajikistan Tour 7
Brief info: Tajikistan usually calls heart of ancient Asia. There are situated famous lake Karakul, Pamir named «a world roof», monuments of the Great Silk way and the most ancient monuments of Zoroastrianism. The country is covered with mountains which supposed as the most beautiful in Central Asia. This is what you will discover during this tour. You will experience areas of Karakul Lake, capital of the city Dushanbe, Kalai Khum village and many other interesting places. Learn more...

Tajikistan Tour 7

Title of the tour: Tajikistan Tour 8
Brief info: Tajikistan is a country in Central Asia. Tajikistan is set between Kyrgyzstan, china, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. Travelling  in Tajikistan for short term it is possible to take pleasure in all seasons. That's what you will visit in your wonderful tour  "The Black Lake" Karakul Lake, beautiful Lakes in Pamir Yashil Kul and Bulunkul (Blue lakes),  capital of Tajikistan Dushanbe,  and many other picturesque places. Learn more...

Tajikistan Tour 8


Are you curious of mountain adventure and discovering remote areas, then go on your Tajikistan tour.  Tajikistan is the land of magnificent mountains, mesmerizing beautiful lakes and people preserved their century old culture. The most important site of Tajikistan is Pamir Mountains. The second highest mountains in the world after Himalaya in Tibet. That why Tajik people often call them " the Roof of the World". During your tour, your will have unbelievable scenery and amazing experience in the mountains of Pamir.

There are diverse tours taking you to Tajikistan, some starts from Dushanbe and finishes in Dushanbe or neighboring countries like Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan. All of them goes through the most attractive places of Pamir. 

The most beloved of Tajikistan is Pamir Highway tour, which is 1 325 km long. It is the real exotic trip started in Osh city of Kyrgyzstan. Driving along the Afghan border will lead to the famous settlements like Murgab, Langar, Yamchun, Khorog, Wakhi and Kalai Khum. The life of mountain dwellers is most exciting, due to the hardly reachable terrain local tribes managed to save ethnic cultures of old times.  Especially inhabitants of Wakhi preserved their identity and culture. They are considerably different from Tajik people about whom you will learn during your travel.  The highest point of the way will be Ak Baital pass which is 4 655m above sea level. Moreover, Tajikistan rich in water reserves, there are many mountain lakes like Iskanderkul, Seven Lakes and Norak reservoir known as a Tajik Sea. It is possible to organize tour to these picturesque monuments of nature. Along with nature, there are historically important places of Tajikistan. There are old cities and remains of fortress, where it is possible to learn about country's past.

We invite you to explore hidden part of Pamir Mountains together with us. Our tours will promise you unforgettable adventure!