Tours in Kyrgyzstan

Title of tour: Kyrgyzstan tour 1
Brief info: This tour will take you to fantastic places of Kyrgyzstan. Admirable beauty of countryside will surprise you: brilliantly blue lakes, white mountain rivers, snow- caped mountains and hospitality of local people. You will also have time to explore the greenest city Bishkek. Learn more...

Kyrgyzstan tour 1, Tours in Kyrgyzstan

Title of tour: Kyrgyzstan Tour 2

Brief info: Kyrgyzstan is a country of incredible natural beauty and proud of nomadic culture. During this tour , you will explore the second largest lake of Kyrgyzstan-Issyk Kul. The highlight of the tour will be visit of traditional eagle hunter and participate in a manufacturing process of national felt carpets. Learn more...   

Kyrgyzstan Tour 2, Tours in Kyrgyzstan

Title of tour: Kyrgyzstan tour 3

Brief info: This trip take you to the pearl of the Central Asia, a legendary Issyk Kul lake. Within five days, you will discover most wonderful places around lake. This ares is like a natural museum; during one day you will come across with variety landscape. Learn more... 

Kyrgyzstan Tour 3, Tours in Kyrgyzstan

Title of tour: Kyrgyzstan tour 4
Brief info: The following trip will take you among the wonders of the Kyrgyz Republic, you will be able to see the Pearl of Kyrgyzstan - Issik Kul Lake and walk along the red clay canyons of Konorchek. Get ready to see the beauty of nature integrated in the culture of nomads and the views that opened up to the travelers of the Great Silk Road. Learn more...

Kyrgyzstan tour 4, tours in Kyrgyzstan

Title of tour: Kyrgyzstan tour 5
Brief info: This tour will take you along the Boom gorge and the northern shore of the Issik Kul lake in order to catch a glimpse of many historical locations and beautiful views before going to Kazakhstan. You will have a chance to walk among the red-rock canyons and swim in the salty alpine lake. Make sure to prepare your camera for many shots that you will not regret. Learn more...

Kyrgyzstan tour 5, tours in Kyrgyzstan

Title of tour: Kyrgyzstan tour 6

Brief info: The following tour will take you through the most imortant and beautiful locations around the Issik Kul Lake. You will spend seven wonderful days surrounded by the beauty of nature and the peaceful scenery. Learn more...

Kyrgyzstan tour 6, tours in Kyrgyzstan

Title of tour: Kyrgyzstan tour 7
Brief info: The next days you will spend surrounded by the wonderful culture, the great view and amazing atmosphere of Kyrgyzstan. This trip lets the tourists to travel across Kyrgyzstan and enjoy the view.Learn more...

Kyrgyzstan tour 7, tours in Kyrgyzstan 

Title of tour: Kyrgyzstan tour 8
Brief info: The tour will show you the pretties places of Kyrgyzstan and amaze you with the great landscapes that will surround the roads that you will be taking during this tour. You will remember this trip for a very long time. Learn more...

Kyrgyzstan tour 8, tours in Kyrgyzstan 


Title of tour: Kyrgyzstan tour 9
Brief info: High snow-capped mountains, mountain lakes, turbulent rivers, high canyons, and waterfalls are all Kyrgyzstan. You can enjoy the winter views of these places and learn many interesting facts about the life of the Kyrgyz people. You will visit Bishkek, learn the technique of carpet making in Kochkor, see the Tash-Rabat Caravanserai, and go to Jeti Oguz. Learn more...  

Title of tour: Kyrgyzstan tour 9, Winter tours.


We always welcome to Kyrgyzstan, the land of majestic mountains of Tien Shan and treasure trove of nomadic culture. Over centuries, this territory was taken over by different states and empires. Finally, Kyrgyz people established their own independent country after many years of invasion.

Nowadays it became one of the popular travel destination for traveler from all over the world. Country offers variety of tours depending the wishes of traveler. There is wide range of activities like hiking and horse riding in the mountains of legendary Tien Shan. Swimming in the warm water of alpine lakes and feel nomad spirit spending night in the traditional dwelling-yurt. It is a great opportunity to immerse into the culture of Kyrgyz people and discover virgin beauty of Kyrgyz land.

Kyrgyzstan is rich in high mountain lakes. Issyk Kul Lake is the most famous place for cultural and adventures tours. Issyk Kul lies at the altitude of 1608 m and often called as "the Pearl of Tien Shan". Around the lake, there are breathtaking gorges, colorful valleys and old cultural site. Son Kul is another alpine lake, associated with calmness and stunning sunsets. Nomads travelling with yurts in summer time use Son Kul Lake as a pasture.

Kyrgyzstani tour is not only natural beauty, but also full of cultural experience like traditional craft and ancient valuable skills. In Kochkor village, handicraftswomen that is famous by national felt carpets will show the process of making. Then another chance to see eagle hunter and listen to his story. In order to preserve diverse nature, Kyrgyzstan has many national parks and reserves like Ala Archa National Park, only 45km form Bishkek city. Ala Archa is rich in both flora and fauna. Our tours always promise entertaining and delightful trips to Kyrgyzstan.