Tours in Kazakhstan

Title of tour: Kazakhstan Tour 1
Brief info: This tour will take you to the main destinations of the Central Asia’s Giant-Kazakhstan. During these days, you will explore the natural beauties of southern Kazakhstan and learn deeply the culture and history of Kazakh people. 
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Kazakhstan Tour 1, Tours in Kazakhstan

Title of tour: Kazakhstan Tour 2

Brief info: During this tour, you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of southern Kazakhstan and as the same time discover historical and cultural wealth of nomadic Kazakh people. It take you to southern capital Almaty, mysterious Issyk Lake, tree amazing Kolsai Lakes, the sunken forest Kaindy lake and finally pearl of the Kazakhstan Charyn canyons. Learn more...

Kazakhstan Tour 2, Tours in Kazakhstan

Title of tour: Kazakhstan Tour 3

Brief info: This short tour will allow you to get a general idea about the land of great steppes. Within  three days, you will merge city sightseeing with natural attractions. First day will be full of detailed excursion in Almaty, mysterious day trip to Issyk Gorge and finally the highlight of the  trip Charyn Canyon. Learn more...

Kazakhstan Tour 3, Tours in Kazakhstan

Title of tour: Kazakhstan Tour 4 
Brief info: The following tour will fit many people who would like to enjoy the scenery of the Central Asian backgrounds, but at the same time to spend the nights sleeping in the comfort of the city hotels. You will see the beauty of nature along with the technological bust of the two major cities. Learn more..

Kazakhstan Tour 4, Tours in Kazakhstan 

Title of tour: Kazakhstan Tour 5
Brief info: Kazakhstan is motherland of nomads. This wonderful country is set between Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and China. Kazakhstan's proud is fascinating nature. It is a huge country with diversity of Canyons, Sea, immense steppes, magnificent mountains and amazing landscapes. In course of tour you will discover young capital Nur-Sultan, and economic centre of Kazakhstan Almaty which is known also as South capital. Moreover you will be impressed by Charyn Canyon unlike anywhere on the earth, explore new areas to Kaindy Lake, and admire the beauty Kolsai lakes. This is what you will explore during this impressive tour. Learn more...

Kazakhstan Tour 5

Title of tour: Kazakhstan Tour 6
Brief info: Kazakhstan is wonderful country in Central Asia. Kazakhstan is set between Kyrgyzstan, China, Russia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. This is what you will explore during this attractive tour National Park Altyn Emel, which was formed in 1996. On the territory of this park you will have a chance to observe different kinds of landscapes, admire the Martian landscape.  Also you will explore incredible the Charyn Canyon and outstanding Tamgaly Tas which is known about a century and half. Learn more...

Kazakhstan Tour 6

Title of tour: Kazakhstan Tour 7
Brief info: Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia. Kazakhstan is well-known place, because of outstanding lakes; touching mountains and steppes. The nature of Kazakhstan created a wonderful landscape which tempts tourists from all over the world. Wonderful places are popular among travellers. In tour you will see a lot of  entertaining places, such as Charyn canyon, Almaty and Altyn Emel and will be inspired by the nature of Kazakhstan, and also has rich historical monuments. Learn more...

Kazakhstan Tour 7

Title of tour: Kazakhstan Tour 8
Brief info: Kazakhstan it is the country of development. It was the country of nomads the native territory which have the wealthy history connecting to the Great Silk Way. Kazakhstan is famous place for travelling because of magnificent fairytale canyons, clear lakes, and rare plant and  unique animal life.  On your tour you will have a chance to experience  life of Almaty (North capital of Kazakhstan), inspire the beauty National Park Altyn Emel and walking in unique places of Charyn Canyon. That's what you will explore during this mesmerizing tour. Learn more...

Kazakhstan Tour 8

Kazakhstan is economic and territorial giant of Central Asia. Most of the Kazakh land comprise from steppes and semi-deserts. However, there are celestial mountains of Tien Shan in the south of the country. Vast steppes are real wealth of Kazakhstan with natural resource like gas. There are many interesting tours for exploring Kazakhstan. Travelling includes culturally architecturally attractive cities like Almaty and Nur Sultan. Nur Sultan is the capital of country, boasts with unique modern constructions, where you can imagine the future of Central Asia. Moreover, Nur Sultan hosts many wide parks and squares and well-organized museums. Not far from city, there is a natural park Borovoye. It is a huge area full of high peaks and mountain lakes. Borovoye is popular destination for nature lovers.

Almaty is cultural and historical center of Kazakhstan. There are many monuments of tsarist and soviet time which you can see during your tour. Only in 20 minutes' drive will bring to Megeo gorge, where the famous ice skating rink is located. Shymbulak ski resort is another perfect spot for city guests. Another beauty of Almaty is Big Almaty Lake, short drive leads to magic turquoise lake. 

Ancient trade roads mostly cross the east of Kazakhstan. City Shymkent has many heritage of old times: forts, mausoleums, ancient citadels and kurgans. Neighboring cities like Turkestan and Otrar also have significant places of historical heritage. The Silk Road travel through this area has great influence on the development settlements and big cities. Natural monuments of southern Kazakhstan are pride of Kazakh people. Altyn Emel Natural Park occupying vast area and including magnificent sand dunes, interesting rock formations. It will be accompanied by unusual Charyn Canyon, which was created about 12 million years ago by natural forces. Charyn is extraordinary monument of nature.

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