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Today we can say that the climate is favorable to the development and prosperity of small business and private enterprise created. In addition, work to support business creation business community conditions for further development is continuous. One of the objectives of the State Committee on De-monopolization, support of competition and business - to create conditions for accelerated private sector development and the development and implementation of restructuring programs of natural monopolies, the allocation of these and subsequent privatization of industries that operate in a competitive environment.
goskomdemonopolizatsii an inventory of more than five and a half thousand of the republic privatized 10 years. According to the results of inventory on 41 companies began liquidation proceedings and bankruptcy procedures. At the end of the elimination of these companies will be offered to investors, including foreign ones. 23 enterprises, which was initiated by the bankruptcy, already sold to new owners.
This is not the only way in which replacement of unprofitable enterprises with updated commercial successes will be achieved. Often, to increase the profitability of production allow restructuring and razukrupnenie. To date, these procedures were already 439 sites. 87 new companies, including foreign capital, 5.5 thousand, which gave new jobs were created as a result. 80% of enterprises, where restructuring has been carried out, the industrial and financial performance significantly improved - production on most of them increased by more than 20%, many businesses have left the state of economic bankruptcy and the 51% of unprofitable enterprises liquidated.

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