Kyrgyzstan places

On all sides the settlement at a distance of 12 m passes moat of the slicingwith excavation for the construction of the walls. Its width is 11-14 m, depth of 3 m Atbashi City had four in one hour *Nome in each wall. Entry into the south wall of L-shaped, longon its 46 m, width 19 meters, the floor paved with flat stones. Must to believe that originally it was the only gate through which one could enter the city. Later, the gates were prorubles and in the rest of the walls. ANBernshtam believes that the entrances to the east and west walls have arisen during the period of stay in kind of Timur in 1375 At the same time, in his opinion, the city restoredaccurate and southern sides has been strengthened further wall ohvaenveloping a large area. Unfortunately, these days the wall is completely destroyed by agricultural activities.
The inner area of ​​the fort is now in most parts of it planned and planted with forage grasses. The traces of buildings have survived only in isolated places, in the form of mounds times various forms and sizes. Excavations on the site revealed the remains of buildings, whose walls are built of mud bricks, clay floors and pavednobitnye flat stone. On the floor are preserved followingAu centers. In one of the rooms on the walls of plaster visible traces of painting, made blue, red, white, red and yellow kami.