Kyrgyzstan excavations

The premises were found a variety of materials: stonenye graters for grinding grain, whorls for spindles,lennye manufactured from clay, bone and stone, some of them ornamentirovaHN. Metal products are tipped arrows, and fragments of iron knives. It is important to find bronzeO pads. T & belt or harness horse. Such ornaments were distributed among the nomadic Turkic tribes in the period of VI-X centuries. Of particular interest is a massive bronze Persianshadow on the panel which depicts two ducks sitting one against another pro ¬. Such a discovery in Kyrgyzstan found staringhigh.
An interesting group of objects make jewelry beads and pendants from mother of pearl, jade and bone. In one of the premises was found poorly preserved copper-lead dirham mid XI century. Most of the finds - unglazed ceramics. This is a bummerki boilers, jugs, pots. Dishes made with stucco and hand-made on a potter's wheel. Part of it was decorated with an ornament in the form of straight and zigzag lines. Glazed ceramic representationon only two fragments of vessels, glazed brownth and green.
In addition to the excavations carried out a survey and exploration of places- In particular, adjacent to the settlement. Not far from it was discovered the remains of three livesmall size settlements in the period of X-XII centuries.