Kyrgyz mound

Semenov requires special sacredness Chaylyg-Hovak tract, located between the mountains and Aldy-Kurbustu (233/234) Ustyu-Kurbustu on the right bank of the Ulug-Khem, near the village road. Eerbek - Bayan-Kol (Dluzhnevskaya Semenov, 1990: 77-78), which was found a stele with runic inscriptions, and Phillips tamga. Near it were mounds, one of which found a statue named "Otunta." Perhaps it was built for Otunty mound (diameter 9.5 m), under which the process of dismantling revealed a folded plates and small boulders with a diameter of 4 m ring around it traced the remains of hearths, stone went under the ring and showing that the cleansing Fire was diluted to the construction of the mound. On subjects covering the mound of inventory can be dated to the second half of X century AD Analogues of the products come from the left bank of the mounds could. Shanchig and Elegest located almost opposite could. Chaylyg-Hovak, in the valley. Elegest, and mentioned he could. Aymyrlyg II in the valley. Chaa-Khol.