Since Kyrgyzstan is a country of mountains, then being in it you can find out that this is an ideal place for mountaineering. And so you decided to go on tours in Kyrgyzstan and we can recommend you to rent a car so that you can reach even the most remote corners of the country. Our country is considered an ideal place in terms of mountaineering, hiking and trekking. While on tours in Kyrgyzstan, you can get information that in Soviet times it was forbidden to climb the mountains. And only a few were able to get permission to climb the mountain peaks.

Our guides during the tours will be able to provide you with as much information about the mountains of the country, tell you about all the permits and restrictions, advantages and disadvantages, tell you about the territory, culture and history of the country. Our guests of the country should be aware that if it is located high in the mountains, there may be difficulties in the form of avalanches and mudslides in the mountains. If the guests of the country in tours of Kyrgyzstan want to get maximum comfort, it is advisable to rent a car.

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We want to tell you today that there are also peaks of 7000 meters and that trackers can reach them and enjoy the views of nature. And those who can reach the height will be able to get the title "Snow Leopard". On tours of Kyrgyzstan, you can also find out that about 600 climbers were awarded this award, because of the ascent during the Soviet era.