Traditional clothes

Of course, if tourists take a tour and rent a car to travel around the country, then they are interested in such a topic as traditional clothes. Our friendly team is happy to welcome tourists who want to travel through our tours with Bishkek car rent service and learn as much about Kyrgyz traditional clothes as possible. Traveling around Kyrgyzstan with rent a car service, tourists during the tour have a great chance to learn about customs, traditions and, of course, about traditional clothes.

Traditional clothes are an indicator of the people and their way of life. The Kyrgyz traditional clothes is an indicator pf the spiritual life, and for about 700 years it has been and remains unique. And yes, today you can hardly see a person during the tour Bishkek car rent service who would wear traditional clothes. It is just that today Kyrgyz traditional clothes are worn only on special holidays and events. Travelers can see Kyrgyz traditional clothes in museums or by visiting the main square of the country during national holidays. Traditional clothes were adapted to the lifestyle of that time, that is, the nomadic lifestyle. Because our ancestors needed to feel comfortable wearing these clothes at a height among the winds. Travel around Kyrgyzstan and take Bishkek car rent for the tour to visit the museum where you can observe the traditional clothes. In general, men's clothing consisted of trousers "jarq shym", "kandagay", "chalbar", a warm coat "Ichik" (made from fur of a wolf, fox, and lynx), a headdress of tebetey, kalpak and malakai, as well as shoes by Chokoy and Charyk. Travelers during the tour with rent a car service understand that the women's wardrobe consisted of a "beldemchi" skirt, the girls' hats were decorated with bird feathers and traditional jewelry, pearls and precious stones, also a "chiptama" jacket, and they also wore the same "Ichik" coat as men.