When exploring a new country, tourists usually explore a new culture, history, and customs and traditions of the people. We would like to give you an interesting review of Kyrgyzstan. Tours in Kyrgyzstan are made by various travel agencies. You should study the details before starting your trip.

Travel companies can provide you with various types of tours that have already had experience for a long time, and their work is particularly important. All of them can tell you about various details of how to make a trip, how to leave the country and enter it.

We love our work, and we show love for our work and for our tourists. Our company is ready to provide various types of tours, with different levels of complexity and attractions. Guests can also rent cars to suit their tastes and preferences.

Tourists can enjoy four-wheel drive cars on tours that can take tourists to the farthest parts of the country. But the quality of roads in Kyrgyzstan is not excellent and it is advisable for tourists to rent a car as a jeep, since the road in the mountains is gravel and muddy.

Tourists can enjoy trekking, diving or horseback riding, as most of the country is covered with mountain ranges. Tourists will also be able to enjoy communication with the locals and learn a lot of interesting facts, and enjoy the hospitality. Car rent is a great opportunity to see beautiful mountains and enjoy harmony with nature. Nights on tours can be spent either in guest houses or in yurts. If the nights are spent in yurts, they are focused on traditional life, and in guest houses on comfort. If the nights are spent in yurts, then dinner will be there. Toilets are located mostly outside and are rarely found with showers. After contacting our company, you will be able to enjoy all the comforts and services.