Peak Lenin

One of the most popular peaks to explore is Peak Lenin. Peak Lenin is one of the highest peaks in Kyrgyzstan, the height of which is 7134 m. Our company provides tours with cars rent Kyrgyzstan service for those wishing to travel around the country, during which, by the way, tourists can visit the Peak Lenin's territory. However, the summit is not always visible because the weather is unpredictable and can be cloudy. The weather here depends on the altitude. During the tours with Kyrgyzstan cars rent service, tourists have a chance to learn more facts from the history of Peak Lenin, for example, that A.P. Fedchanko carried out the first exploration and discovery of the mountain when he was here in 1871. Traveling through this area, you will discover that the discoverer originally gave the peak a different name as Kaufman Peak in honor of the governor and Soviet leader.

Also on the tour, the guides will tell you about the first expedition made in 1929. During the first expedition, none of the participants managed to reach the goal. Then the Soviet Red Army went to the top and eventually reached and even members of the expedition managed to erect a monument to Lenin. Cars rent Kyrgyzstan service during the tour will give you the chance to travel comfortably and explore Peak Lenin and, for example, find out that in 1967 the 301st expedition made its anniversary ascent and found out about the existence of more than 16 routes.

Always during the tours with Kyrgyzstan cars rent service traveling in the area, you should not forget about safety and unpredictability of weather conditions at heights. It is necessary for tourists to take the tour in which a professional who knows all the secrets of climbing will accompany them. Because there were also such cases when in 1974, when a team of women was captured by a storm, and in 1991, a team of 44 people died in an earthquake.