Kyrgyz nature is a bliss for all guests of our country. There are many people travel here to apprehend it. Taking car rent you can see breathtaking panorama views of the country in Central Asia with natural resources, to west, south, east and north relation with other countries as well.

Kyrgyzstan nature is encompassed with the mountains. On the tours in Kyrgyzstan, you can notice 90% being at the heights, with about 80% being the Tien Shan mountains. There are many peaks are usually succeeded by climbers. The mountains deliver natural resources as gold, which can be reserved in Talas Province, the part connecting the Chatkal River, Makmal, and Kumtor Mine.

The country has many lakes and rivers located at the high in the mountains. There are about 4,000 rivers and almost 2,000 lakes at the land can be seen on the tours. The rivers are accessible for rafting in Kyrgyzstan.

On Kyrgyzstan tours the nature and natural resources bring special places in order to take photos. It is worth mentioning that Kyrgyzstan is famous for minerals, waters, gorges, hills and so on.

With the help of car rent in Kyrgyzstan, travelers see a lot of special parks. Then walk to the State Reserve of Issyk Kul found in 1948 by car rent service. There are the animals as snow leopards, Siberian goats, Marcopolo, brown bear are extensive. Wild animals don't like to be anxious by people. The park is the territory of about 1329 hectares, but 687 hectares are the forests.

Travelers are free to drive and see the Biosphere Reserve of Sary Chelek located in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan found in 1960 for defending the nature of Kyrgyzstan. The National Park of Ala Archa is found in 1976 is located adjacent Bishkek city.  

Have the next itinerary in order to visit National Park of Chon Kemin located in the south of the Chon Kemin valley. It is about 123 hectares found in 1997. The park protects nature, forests and flora with fauna.