Nationality groups

Kyrgyzstan's ethnic groups are diverse and deserve more investigation. While on a car rent tour in Kyrgyzstan, travelers are free to discover the country, its history, and ethnic points of the mountain country today. The population of the state is projected to be more over 6 million people.

More over 60% of Kyrgyzstan's population lives in villages or in the mountains. According to estimations, Kyrgyz people make up 80% of the population, with other ethnicities accounting for 10% of Russians, 14% of Uzbeks, and 8% of Dungans, Uigurs, Kazakhs, and Tajiks.

Our managers may provide a range of tour itineraries for travelers to travel and learn about the habits of residents and nomads, as well as assistance a car rent. People still live in the highlands, raise cattle, live in yurts, and are mindful of their ancestors' customs. Our proposal is to rent a car and go on a tour of Kyrgyzstan's nomadic lifestyle.

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