Travelers in Kyrgyzstan study the currency before visiting the country, because they need to know how much money to take during Kyrgyzstan rent cars rent tour. And so with regards to currency here during the travel tour, tourists have the right to pay with local currency, soms and dollars.

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You can exchange money in banks in Kyrgyzstan. We must say that the exchange rates in the banks of Bishkek are different, but it is much more profitable to exchange currency here than in the regions or at bazaars. Banks in Kyrgyzstan usually operate until 17:00, and currency exchange offices - about 24 hours a day. On the travel tour with Kyrgyzstan rent cars, you need to have your passport with you if you want to exchange currency. Yes, here, too, in some places there is an opportunity to pay with credit cards Visa and Master card, but keep in mind that they can not be used in all places. In Kyrgyzstan, cash is used more.