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Central Asian countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are well-known travel destinations. For a tour with car for rent service in Central Asia, you can contact us. These five countries "stan" have ties in history, culture and are also neighboring countries. However, despite such similarities, each of them has its own characteristics that you will see if you travel around Central Asia.

Such a small country of Central Asia as Kyrgyzstan is famous for its mountainous location. They take a rented car on the tour to Kyrgyzstan and go to see such beautiful mountain lakes as Issyk Kul, Son Kul, Chatyr Kul, Sary Chelek, Kel Su and others. There are many lakes, rivers and glaciers here. Kyrgyzstan has a good supply of water resources. The nature of Kyrgyzstan is worth seeing because it is incredible. During the tour of Kyrgyzstan, you can learn about the culture of nomads and meet hospitable people.

Another well-known destination in the field of travel in Central Asia is as old as Kazakhstan. Here you will see the land of the steppes. Tourists take a car for rent during the tour and go to the Big Almaty Lake, Charyn Canyon, Medeo skating rink and ride on the famous cableway leading to Almaty, etc. Yes, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan have almost the same culture, but the nature of these two countries distinguishes them.

Tajikistan is another mountainous race of Central Asia, which in relief resembles a neighboring country like Kyrgyzstan. However, Tajikistan also has its own special places that are worth seeing with your own eyes, and for this, it is worth taking the tour with a rented car.

The eastern country of Uzbekistan is also one of the countries of Central Asia that plays an important role in travel. Guests take the tour with a car for rent and go to taste the famous pilaf with dried fruits in the original. In Uzbekistan, the cuisine is so varied and delicious that you will definitely like it. And also tourists can visit the oriental bazaar, bargain with local residents. The hospitable people will be glad to meet the guests of Uzbekistan.

Finally, the fifth country in Central Asia is Turkmenistan, which is a closed country. Turkmenistan will delight you during the tour by rented car with attractions such as the Karakum Desert, a gas crater and the ruins of ancient cities like Merv and Nisa.

In the countries of Central Asia, tours are interesting from start to finish, because there is a rich culture, history and hospitable people. 

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