Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan car rental

"I address you all tonight for who you truly are: wizards, mermaids, travelers, adventurers, and magicians. You are the true dreamer". Our car rent company also addresses to the real dreamers - travelers in order to offer you something wonderful, which is an auto tour throughout the countries of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, with their capitals in the cities of Almaty, Bishkek and Dushanbe. Our car rent company offers you to come to Central Asian and learn the details of nomadic way of living. Local people are very hospitable and they will accept you with a great pleasure. There is even the special term for it - it is called community based tourism. The principle of this movement is letting the travelers to learn the way of loving of local people from the inside - not from the guide's or guidebook's stories, but by participating in all kinds of traditional ceremonies, holidays and other occupations of local population. Our car rent company will provide you with the addresses of all such houses in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, so you will have a chance to feel yourself as a member of nomadic society! 

Due to our auto renting company, you will get the most endurable cars for rent, which will make the auto tour in Central Asia as safe as possible. You will drive not the cars for rent but the unassailable fortress. Our auto renting specialists will also give you information about everything concerning Central Asia - the political situation, people's mentality, traditions, culture, interesting sightseeings, reliable restaurants, cafes, hotels, guest-houses, petrol station, markets, shops, bazaars and so on. Choose our auto renting organization and you will feel familiar in any part of Central Asia! When the travelling will come to the end, you will return the cars for rent in one of the following cities; the city of Bishkek, the city of Almaty or the city of Dushanbe. Choose our car rent company and you will make this auto tour just unforgettable!