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Welcome to a sunny Uzbekistan and Magical Asia! We are glad to present you the country with the most beautiful architecture in Central Asia, preserved for centuries and people keeping their old traditions and crafts for a long time. Our company has long time experience in organizing exceptional tours in Uzbekistan and all over the Central Asia! Take your time and have a look at what we suggest.

Uzbekistan, located in the center of Central Asia and being the main trade center on the Silk Road can perform a big variety of tours, which will include such amazing cities as Samarkand, a capital of Timurid Dynasty, Bukhara, a holy city, where Avicenna worked out his medicine researches, Khiva, the ancient city of Khorezm dynasty and lots of others. Here you will learn crafts, enjoy festivals, shows and master classes.

Our company works with local providers from Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. We also provide tours in Kyrgyzstan, a country of Tien Shan mountains meaning from Chinese "celestial mountains". It is a fair description, as they reach the height of more than 7, 000 meters. Here you can live with nomads in yurts and ride horses, learn how to make carpets and watch the eagle hunting process. "Travel Experts" will help you to make the best tour.

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